Do It For Yourself

Play your music loud.

Drive your car fast.

Talk about your movies all day.

Drink your coffee in public.

Draw your painting in the middle of a letcture.

You do all these things, and they make you feel something.

Well, that is alright.

Just make sure you are doing all these things for you and not for them ( the people around you)

Do things because they speak to you, and you speak to them. Not for them to know what are you doing.

For you. For you. For you.

It is all, after all, all about you, and please for the love of life, do not be like most.

Most live for other people.

Most starve for attention, because to them, attention is more valuable than life.

Believe me , for this, people would kill another,  but you–you have got to do it for yourself, and you will bring yourself back from madness.

The crowd will never get this.

They will never understand why you are everything.

Robert M Drake.

Kaka Padilha


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