A conversation

Isn’t it quite boring?’

Spoke the moon to empty space,

The sun was not listening,

Though his light bounced off her face.

And darkness stretched beyond the eye,

Save peppered stars around,

And a nonchalant and quiet sigh,

Was the only sound.

The sound of Moon so gentle, bright,

Alone in seas of dark,

A moon quite pure, a moon quite white,

Drained by surroundings stark.

There was no sense of night or day,

Or time as we now know,

For the moon, among the stars she lay,

Was fed up with her woe.

So she took a heavy breath and stood,

Her milky limbs like ice,

Her snowy hair fell like a flood,

Starlight glistened in her eyes.

She always wondered what had been,

Just so far from her reach,

All the sights she’d never seen,

Boundaries never breached.

For the sun and moon have not always,

Been distant as recalled,

A strength and love that never frays,

Within the cosmos scrawled.

The moon continued with her trip,

As determined was she,

And a smile spread upon her lips,

With freedom she found glee.

But her legs grew tired, and her eyes fell,

Her resolve became undone,

With a fearful whine, she whispered ‘Well,

The darkness must have won.’

For the moon may have been daring,

But a soul still young, still new,

And in the distance staring,

Stood the sun she did pursue.

Against the night sky thick,

Her ashen skin stood sheer,

And something special clicked,

The sun was ever nearer.

There within her vision,

Was cast a golden flame,

And she took the grand decision,

To stand up once again.

‘Press on, press on,’

She whispered through her tense and gritted jaw,

‘Some more steps, it’s just a few.’

Effort draining to the core.

And again her footsteps faltered,

But a flaming grip took hold.

The world around her altered,

Engulfed in blazing gold.

Warm fingers on her skin,

A breath upon her neck,

The darkness could not win,

A pinch, for dreams, A check.

For as the moon’s eyes searched,

To meet those of the discovered,

Her excited stomach lurched,

The universe uncovered.

‘You finally made it here!’

A warming voice did cry,

‘I’ve been waiting for you dear,

To have you by my side.’

Bright gold against the white,

In the sky there lit a flame,

Among the highest of all heights, 

Two lovers played their game.

And from joyous abandon,

From playful lovers free,

From sun and snow becoming one,

Along came you and me.

Along came planets, galaxies,

Along came night and day,

Along came soil, water, trees,

Along came ice and flame.

But alas the moon had to depart,

Return from whence she came,

With tears, with an aching heart,

The sun did quietly say,

‘My dearest love, do not forget,

You travelled all this way,

Across the universe we met,

And look at all we made.’

So the moon went home, lay down her head,

In awe of what now rests,

And kept in her mind what the sun had said,

As the stars around her slept.

Gazing down upon a world, 

Stood the golden sun,

And while stood proud, alone was he,

Looking for someone.

He watched on still as lovers kissed, 

And for him sang the birds,

He bought the daytime from the dark,

Though lark song went unheard.

For he was distant from the planes,

The mountains and the sea. 

The night could not communicate,

Nor give him company.

He walked the starlit paths of space,

Nobody to be found,

Shadows cast behind his back,

He trapsed in circles round.

The sun had not forever been,

Alone without a friend. 

When he had met the moon of white,

Loneliness seemed to end.

He had waited for so long before,

To hold the moon, to see,

Her flowing hair, her ashen skin,

Though he knew they could not be.

Or so it seemed, upon the face,

Two lovers kept apart,

But the universe could never keep,

Away, two parts one heart.

In flames and heat and soul ablaze,

The sun set off with haste,

To catch the moon, to take her hand,

To leave the dismal space.

By the time their bodies touched again,

The Sun was quite fatigued,

But he felt complete, content at last,

To lay so close to she.

She who’d changed a life of dark,

A heart into a home,

She who made his flames burn bright,

Though made no light of her own.

“Come close, my love, it’s been so long,

I could not stay so far. 

I have a plan to reunite,

To free us from the stars.”

And so began a journey, 

Of spirit, joyous love,

Curiosity and hopeless dreams,

Tumbled from stars above.

Although they did watch over,

The sun and Moon could be,

Free in spirit, roaming earth,

Alongside you and me,

“Stand up, step down I know it’s high,

We’ll stay close and safe together.”

He took her hand and closed his eyes,

“We could not be apart forever.”

But though they fell, they smiled still,

No tears, fear, dread,

Just tangled limbs and quiet songs,

‘Til clumsy feet could tread

The golden sands and dew topped grass,

Of brand new mornings bright,

Words were whispered, lips to skin, 

Into the sparkling night.

And now the Sun and Moon could see,

The world they had designed,

As the lovers they had envied,

One heart, one soul, one mind.