Today i’m going to são paulo to realize one of the most importants things that i’ve have ever did in my life. One thing that i’ll remember forever, and i know that the universe will bring to me best things because of what i’m doing.
The flight was delayed 40 minutes and so for the first time i brought my macbook with me, and i started to hear music, reading, thinking as i do all the time.
But today something different happened, months ago i asked a astrologer to read my horoscope,but this week i asked the same person to read my past life, and i was reading and reading, and at the some point i stopped, and this is what was written there.

‘’The combination of sentiment and anger results in conflicting emotions. Remember that one who is never angry is worth little, but one who is angry but does not control it is worth even less! Your tendencies toward possessiveness and self-centeredness need to be redirected. One way to rechannel these energies is through your potential for writing, as well as in several scientific or mechanical endeavors; you are able to work with mechanical things better than most. Your ability to observe details to an unusual extent can be a valuable asset in writing. with your apparent interest in and appreciation of art, you might write in that area, whether based on psychological fact or historical fiction. If you are hesitant about your ability to write, know that the way to write is to WRITE! It can be a channel for bringing blessings to others as well as giving you greater comprehension of the purpose of mankind.”

No one needed to tell me that, but when i read those words, i stop to reading and so i started to write this. And for a moment, and i felt so good, so glad because i know that i have some kind of special thing inside me, inside my heart that makes me want to write, and more that write, want to write good things, want to share my knowledge , and being some kind of voice that people want to hear. I want to write to help people, i want to write to show people that we live in a good place and most of us don’t know this, and for this reason, we're destroying our house, our universe. Because the universe is our house. Believe.

And if you don’t know i’ll tell you that we can destroy our universe in many ways, and the most important that people don’t believe is the way we share our energy, our vibration, the way we see the universe, the way we treat people around us. The way we want and the way we make things happen, what i want to tell you is that:

We live in a wonderful place, and in times of chaos, times of many wars, times of people fighiting about what we believe or not, even if we are living in times of chaos, we can’t leave this make our lives a war.
In times of chaos and crisis, what we all tend to do is start pointing fingers at where we think the bad guys are. Where the evil is. we all start arguing, everyone has different opinions about that. Please do not forget that hatred, or evil, whatever you want to call it, it's intelligent. It's smart, and it's invisible. It doesn't have a color, it doesn't have a race, it doens't have a religion. It has no politics. It's an invisible snake that while it's planning to attack, it is thinking to itself ” i'm going to divide my enemy into smaller, less strong groups. And then i'm going to make then hate each other, so that it's easier to take them down”. And as we're all yelling at each other trying to figure out which group it is that causing the problem, evil is winning. So we have to get rid of those labels, these different factions; gay, straight, rich, poor, mentally ill, not metally ill, gun owner, not fun owner. None of this can matter anymore. We are unfied in our humanity and the only thing that we all know we all appreciate in one another is kindness. So this has to come before all things.
We can change the way that the world is going to be, sharing love, helping people, feeling love, being grateful, if you don’t believe in this, just stop one day to do and t feel just good things, and you’ll see better things happening to you.
This is called ‘’Law of Attraction’’, and this works, when we do and feel good things, good things happens in our lifes.
And when we do it, we are in good tune with the universe and helping the transformation that i believe will happen soon.
The better universe is coming, our planet, our race, we need to be one, we need to be together to share one simply feeling that can change everything, ‘’LOVE”, love is the most powerful evergy and power in earth and many peoples don’t know.
I know thats hard to believe because every day bad things happening, but it's happen because of us, because most of the population is connected with bad things, bad feelings, bad vibrations.
When the percentual of the population being to be connected with good things, good feelings and vibration, wanting to live in a better place, and we can do it. If we start to do what i'm saying.
You can whatch the video ‘’A message of hope’’, and you’ll see and understand what i want to tell you.Earth is the only and one place that is until now we know that exist life, don’t exist any other place, even in the future, that we can live or migrate if our planet be destroyed.So we cannot leave this happen.Start now, start now sharing good energys, vibrations, start now to pray for our home, start now to be a part of this transformation.

I'm sure this happened as a sign for me to write these things.


Kaka Padilha