A Letter.

Me and you here just lying down, having a good and funny conversation, smiling , looking in each other eyes, being happy, knowing how much we are special for each other. 

The way we met was completely different, the way we get closer was so very quickly and lovely, the way we get to know each other, to know what each other like to eat, to hear, to listen, to read, i mean we get to know everything about each other in such a way that nothing can explain.

Our situation, the time that our lifes are now are so difficult, but we are still together and still going on, still feeling and meeting more feelings and more and more.

We don’t know where life will bring us , i’m leaving you in a few days, but i have to tell you what i cannot personally say, meeting you was one of the most increrible things that have ever happen to me, you bring me peace in my heart, and i don’t know how will be without you, but i don’t want to think about this know , i just want you to say that you are amazing, an incredible person and that i love you and i’ll always love you and have you in  my heart  and my  memory. What is gonna be, will be. I’ll have our moments , every moment in my heart. 

I just want you to know.

Karen Padilha

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