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Porque existem pessoas boas e más?

Quem é você, quem sou eu, todos nós? Porque, pra estamos aqui ?Porque uns tem muito, outros pouco, outros nada? Porque tanto sofrimento, tanta incompreensão , guerras de gênero, religião? Porque tantas coisas ruins acontecendo? Pessoas se matando, familiares em guerra, pais que abusam, abandonam seus filhos? Porque tanta crueldade com os animais, com pessoas indefesas? Porque existem esse tipo de coisa no mundo? Essas são perguntas que acredito  muitos de nós nos fazemos todos os dias, Read more […]


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The Universe sent me a signal and I heard

Today i’m going to são paulo to realize one of the most importants things that i’ve have ever did in my life. One thing that i’ll remember forever, and i know that the universe will bring to me best things because of what i’m doing. The flight was delayed 40 minutes and so for the first time i brought my macbook with me, and i started to hear music, reading, thinking as i do all the time. But today something different happened, months ago i asked a astrologer to read my horoscope,but this Read more […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Mess With An Empath .

Don’t try and hide your intentions around an empath – it simply won’t work! EMPATHS ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL PEOPLE, AND I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND THAT YOU MESS WITH ONE. EMPATHS ARE EXCELLENT AT READING BODY LANGUAGE AND THEY ARE THE BEST MIND DETECTIVES! Empaths are born with a gift; they have the ability to feel others feelings. Although this is handy when you need someone to talk to, this isn’t their primary gift. Empaths are experts on human psychology by second nature. This gives them Read more […]

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  Acredito que muitas pessoas possuem dons, muitos dons que estão escondidos dentro delas, mas elas não sabem. Eu tenho muitos dons que a pouco tempo descobri, eu ja sabia que eu era diferente, mas não sabia o porque. Estou aprendendo a lidar com os dons que Deus e que o universo me deu. Tenho uma consciência que se desenvolve através de uma busca ativa por um sentido maior para a existência, através de um interesse por filosofia e religião, seja por uma identificação com verdades Read more […]

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A Dark Part Of Empathic People That You Rarely See

Empaths are typically known as the healers of the world. They’re the people whose senses are heightened–the ones that not only see the different energies of the world, but actually feel them, experience them. Those who are not empaths might think that this ability to feel what others feel is a gift, but if you can convince an empath to talk about their gift, they might tell you that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it’s quite often not a very fun gift to possess at all. Because Read more […]

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