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My fascination….

I’m fascinated with doing things that make me feel better for a while, things who expand my mind, my brain, my intelligence, things that if i tell you, you’l judge me, but why judge me if i’m not doing nothing bad for you and anyone? Wait a moment, i know why you’ll judge me, it’s because for the society this is wrong, but i dont give a fuck about what society will think or say about me or what i’m doing, i’m doing what i’m doing, what i like to do, and i’ll not change because for the society this Read more […]


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You’re a feeling being

From the moment you’re born , you’re always feelings something, and is so every other person. You can stop your conscious throughts when you’re sleeping, but can never stop feeling because to be alive is to feel life. You’re a feeling ‘being’ to be core of you, and so it’s no accident that every part of your human body is created so you can feel life. You have the sense of sight , hearing , taste, smell, and touch, so that you can feel everything in life. They are ‘feeling;’ senses, because they Read more […]

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