Love Yourself….

I know how you feel when you're alone, lying on your bed, looking at your phone as if it's meant to bring you peace from all the demons tugging at your head. You ask yourself : who in the hell will love me? And you should always remember how no one will, not ever, unless [...]


Você acredita na Magia?

'' Os que não acreditam na magia jamais irão encontrá-la.'' Você se lembra de quando era criança e olhava a vida com entusiasmo e admiração ?Tudo era magico e empolgante, e as menores coisas o enchiam de emoção. Você ficava fascinado com o orvalho que se acumulava nas folhas , como uma borboleta,  batendo as [...]

This Reality

We are in fact a part of this prison, but often mu comrades and I would say, if ever we were to escape this reality, this prison, we would find ourselves in a bigger prison, in a bigger reality, and so on and so forth. So even if we wanted to, we could never be [...]

Just wait

The right people find you when you need them to find you, so i wouldn't worry too much about being alone and i wouldn't worry too much about being with someone either. Because right now, you're where you have to be, regardless of how you feel, regardless of what you want. Right now, your life [...]

Do It For Yourself

Play your music loud. Drive your car fast. Talk about your movies all day. Drink your coffee in public. Draw your painting in the middle of a letcture. You do all these things, and they make you feel something. Well, that is alright. Just make sure you are doing all these things for you and [...]

A noite

A noite é onde as pessoas como nós pertencem. A noite sempre chamará nossos nomes. Não muitos entenderão isto; Muitos pensam que somos loucos. Costumávamos ficar acordados até tarde, sem razão, e estávamos acordados até que o sol acordasse; Isso eu me lembro. Houve momentos em que estávamos separados, mas eu sabia que você estava [...]

Women, Women, Women.

Her hair was always covered with flowers and i swear you could almost see the sun rise rom the corner of her eyes. Her eyes like two moons crowding the sky. I look away; something fat out there distracts me, and then, i look at her again and i remember what it felt like when [...]