Letter- Cocaine 1884 – Sigmund Freud

Excerpts from the published Freud papers on cocaine. Freud describes his own early cocaine usage and is an enthusiastic proponent for the drug. From ‘Über Coca,’ Centralblatt für die ges. Therapie, 2, pp. 289–314, 1884 V. The Effect of Coca on the Healthy Human Body I have carried out experiments and studied, in myself and others, [...]


Sigmund Freud’s Theory on Dreams

Freud was possibly the first Psychologist to suggest why we dream. He was mainly concerned with a research technique known as psychoanalysis, whereby he would listen to patients talk about experiences and then use them to diagnose and treat mental illness. Think of your stereotypical “film” Psychologist, with his patient lying on the couch. That [...]