We can’t Break Up with a Soulmate.

No matter how hard we try, there is just no breaking up with a soulmate. It all happens in just one ordinary day, when we are not fully aware, it can come and in fact can change the whole flow of our lives… Our life can change in just one minute, and the following it [...]


A pureza do amor

Quando encontramos aquela 'tal' pessoa pela qual todos nós procuramos, quando encontramos esse pessoa e então nela descobrimos o verdadeiro amor, o verdadeiro significado. Começamos a entender o porque de não termos dado certo com ninguém antes por mais que você tenha 'pensado' que fosse amor, bom, pode até ter sido, mas um amor diferente. [...]

There Is One Person We’ll Never Get Over

There Is Always One Person In Our Lifetime We Can’t Seem To Get Over. Even long after the relationship dies and all connections perish, this person stays alive in our consciousness. It’s not like we spend our entire day fantasizing about them or reminiscing. It’s not like our lives stopped when they left it. It’s [...]