Just wait

The right people find you when you need them to find you, so i wouldn't worry too much about being alone and i wouldn't worry too much about being with someone either. Because right now, you're where you have to be, regardless of how you feel, regardless of what you want. Right now, your life [...]


O Pássaro Azul

O pássaro azul há um pássaro azul em meu peito que quer sair mas sou duro demais com ele, eu digo, fique aí, não deixarei que ninguém o veja. há um pássaro azul em meu peito que quer sair mas eu despejo uísque sobre ele e inalo fumaça de cigarro e as putas e os [...]

Women, Women, Women.

Her hair was always covered with flowers and i swear you could almost see the sun rise rom the corner of her eyes. Her eyes like two moons crowding the sky. I look away; something fat out there distracts me, and then, i look at her again and i remember what it felt like when [...]

Let us go

Come away with me. Let us go somewhere. You and me. The two of us... Let us find the darkness and let us find the light. I want us to forget our correis and do all the things we want today. We should all do the things today, that will help us build a bete [...]

Between the sea and the sky

It is written between the sea and the sky, within the horizon rests that word. The word neither science or religion can make sense of. The word to end and start all wars. The word to use to express something greater than ourselves. The word we die for. We live for and look for when [...]

Keep looking

Look deeper through the telescope and do not be afraid when the stars collide towards the darkness, because sometimes, the most beautiful things being in chaos. Crash and burn. Let it all fase into one. Let it all collide the way two people exchange eyes when they meet for the very first time. Little note: [...]

Dreams can’t die

There are two inmates sharing laundry duties this week of december. Throughout the week they don't say a word to each other  but today was not like any other day. ''How much time do you have left?'' one of the men asked the other as he folds the clothes. '' I have about 33 days [...]