Let your wings to fly.

Give wings to your imagination, let then to fly, let you to fly.

Fly around the world, fly to the moon and back how many times you want.

Dare to dream, dare to fly, don't be afraid.

Believe in magic, believe in miracles, believe that you can do everything you want.

If you can imagine, you can do, even if it's only in your dream.

How amazing it is to imagine, to dream, how amazing it is our mind, our power to control and creat things inside there. We can creat whatever we want, we can create our own world, and when we feel tired about the real world we can go to our own world.

We can go from the top the world, from the top the waves, we can go everywhere.

We can creat everything, we can creat magic, we can creat, we can dream, we can fly, we have this amazing power.

Life is a beautiful and crazy design.

Kaka Padilha