Don’t allow negative energy into your life.

Mental wellness is so important. Take care of your mind and the way you speak to yourself. Don't let negative thoughts weaken you. Every time a negative thought comes up, say something positive to yourself. Don't let negative thoughts overpower yoy. Cear them out. Be kind and patient with yourself as you are transforming. Don't judge your journey; celebrate your growth.

When someone speaks negatively of you, don't allow that energy to affect you. It speaks much more about them that it does about you. 

People will judge you when you're rich and they'll judge you when you're poor.  They'll judge you for being in great shape and judge you for being out of shape. For saying too much, or saying too little, how you dress and what kind of haircut you have. It really doesn't matter what you say or do because someone is goind to judge you, and for tear reason, you should just do what the fuck you want and only value the opiniões of those who know you and value you as a person.

People will judge you no matter what, but dont allow this energy to affect you.

Always be kind, think kind…


Kaka Padilha