Everyone is looking for the same thing.

We are about 6,1 billion people and we’re all looking for the same thing. There are those who believes that life is just full when we find that person to share our secrets, our love, our passion .

Love exists for one reason, for us to feel this incredible feeling.

For others reasons also, because those who knows the real love, they know that love is not just about being with someone. Love is all that exists, is in everywhere, everything we do.

Love is being kind with those who needs help, love is know that life can be hard sometimes, but love can change everything, every situation, every person.


But what i want to say is that we are all looking for the loves of our lifes. Sometimes we met someone and we think we finally found , but something happens and changes everything we thought before.

That’s what life is. Everything can change in a blink of an eye.

For many times i thought ” Thank you God , i finally found my love for live”, and then everything changed. And like a second passed i haven’t this person anymore.

We met a lot of people in life, and we fall in love, have a relathionship, we give to the other everything we have inside us, and at the end , everything is over.

I can say, ” don’t you worry, because this will happen many times until you found the right people”, even when we thought that person was the right person.

At that time they could be , but not anymore.

Sometimes we will not end up with the loves of our lives. We’ll continuing loving them, but they aren’t worth in our lives anymore. They fulfilled their mission into our lives, they taught what they had to teach, and the time to live their lives without us finally comes. We fall apart, living without each other, but always having in mind that we had for some time that person who has loved us like anyone else. 

So we came to the beginning again. All the pain we felt about ending up with that person end.

And here is the secret for those who are looking for someone. You don’t have to look for someone to complete your life, first your life have to be complete, then you have to wait for someone and not search.

When we search for something or someone , nothing happens. When we are busy doing our things and distracted, what we’re looking for finally comes to our lifes. Naturally, how things have to be.

Karen Padilha.

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