Love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy in the world

IMG_0547The force of love has no opposite. There is no other power in life but love. There isn't a force of negativity. In ancient times, negativity was sometimes described as “the devil” or “evil”. Being tempted by evil or the devil simply meant being tempted to fall into negative thoughts and feelings, rather than standing firm in the positive force of love. There is no force of negativity. There is only one force, and that force is love.

All the negative things you see in the world are always, always manifestations of a lack of love. Whether that negativity is in a person, place, circumstance, or event, it has always come from a lack of love. There isn't a force of sadness, sadness is a lack of happiness, and all happiness comes from love. There isn't a force of failure, failure is a lack of success, and all success comes from love. There isn't a force of illness, illness is a lack of health, and all health comes from love . There isn't a force of poverty, poverty is a lack of abundance, and all abundance comes from love. Love is the positive force of life, and any negative condition always comes from a lack of love.
When people reach the tipping point of giving more love than negativity, we will see negativity vanish from the planet at rapid rate. Imagine it. Every single time you choose to give love, your life is helping to tip the entire world into positivity. Some people believe that we are very close to the tipping point now. Whether they're right or not, more than ever, now is the time to give love and positivity. Do it for your life. Do it for your country. Do it for the world