The only one that i've ever waited for, you, my love, my truly love. You means everything to me, all my world turns around you, all my love is yours, i would do anything for you, i'm crazy for you, for your love, i keep thinking about you all day  and night long and i cannot stop. You've changed my world completely, you've changed who i am, for better of course. Your love makes me dream, makes want to be a better person each day for you and for me, you've changed my mind, my way to think and to see life. If i could give you the power to see you through my eyes i would do it, and so i'll see how important and how much i love you. But i can't.

I can just keep loving you with all my heart, and doing all that i can to make you happy, each day, more and more.

I can't imagine my life without you, and i know, i feel that we're connected , we're meant to be, no matter what.

Your love is mine, and mine is yours, and i love being in love with you, i love loving you.

I cannot explain, just feel. Because the meaning of love is just feel, we cannot explain , and if we do, then it's not love.


Kaka Padilha