Love is not a maybe thing…

You know when you love someone, when you finally met that person who makes your world spin, that who turns your world head-on

That person who cares about you, your feelings, who makes you want to be a better person for you and for him, when you love someone everything in life gets better, no matter what.

Real love have this power to change everything.

You can’t stop thinking about the person, you catch yourself thinking about what you can do to make your relationship each day better, you dream about the future, you want to live forever with this person, you can’t wait for the next time that you’ll see him again, no matter if him left you one second ago. You don’t want him to left, you want to stay all the time with him.

When you love someone doesn’t exist bad things, just good things, and if sometime one bad thing happen it doesn’t matter, because you can change the bad things into bad things .

Bad moments exist of course, but if you really love someone you’ll do everything that’s possible to stay with, you’ll make everything to make him smile, because this is the best thing in the world. Make the love of your life happy.

Love is the most crazy and best thing in the world. When you meet this person, you’ll understand what I’m saying.


Kaka Padilha

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