My Addiction will or not ruin me? Coming from my book '' Éden: From the hell to the Paradise''

Well, what to say about me, it’s complicate  to speak out about ourselfs to the world, it’s became more complicate when you want to explain about you and your  whole  life until now  and what brings you here and doing what you are doing, and at the same time when you want to make a big thing witht all this, all these things that you have lived, learned by yourself, because there’s was no one for you, never was.

Firstly, i want to say i’m not here to be some kind of people that want to be a victim or poor, even when i really was for such a long time since i was born until my 18 years.

I’m just a girl who was really corrupted for life and the word and my entire family, they just rejected me when i for the first time i’ve opened my eyes for life, for this entire and wornderful world.

I didn’t knowed what was waiting for me, i’ve lived 18 years in the hell, i was born in the hell and just met the paradise when i for god and for all good energies in the world i abandoned my family and everyone who did something really bad to me, but i cannot complain for nothing that have happened with me, because i’m grateful for everything i’ve lived, learned, every puch , every difficult moment , i mean everything,  otherwise i was not me with all i have to share with the world, and i may haven’t my knowledge about life.

I want to people know that life, world and people can corrupt us in every single way, but we can choose to be corrupted or not, we can choose to be a good or a bad person, we can choose to forgive the people who did all bad thing to us, we can choose to live with love, because is with love that we are born, we are born with purity and kindness and we can choose to not let the life, world and people to take away it from us .

I want to be a girl who are a voice of love, force, compassion, learning, i want to share my story with the world and want to be a inspiration for people who have lived the same thing as me and didn’t knowed how to deal with, or to people who are dealing with some kind of same or similar situation as me, i want to help people to deal with situations with love, kindess, compassion and gratitude, because this four this are the four pillars to live a magnitude life.

No matter what we have lived, how difficult life sometimes was with us, we have always to live with a positive mind, spirit, soul with ourselfs and others, we have to love ourselfs and the next one, ” Love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy in the world” – Rhonda Bryne , we have always to choose love, and everything is going to be ok in the end, we have to believe ever that something wonderful is about to happen anytime, life is good even when they tried to corrupt us.

Secondly , finally, I’m Karen Padilha, 23 years, living in brazil, going through the most difficult phase of my life, as I said i was born in the hell since i have opened my eyes forthe first time until my 18 years old.

With 18 years old I became a model and started to living by myself, actually i’m dealing with my addiction with cocaíne, I’m in a rehabilitation clinic since 3 months ago, the best clinic in brazil, but i’m not going well, i was going since 2 days ago when i called my dealer and asked for cocaíne, yes, i fall, i couldn’t be more stronger than my fissure, desire, i lost 3 months, a lot of money, time for nothing, but i knowed that it would be happen the first time i put my feet here because i didn’t  have trusted in myself, and in this reabilitation, and everything else, i didn’t wanted to be healed. because  i lie cocaine so much that i didn’t wanted to be healed, but i’m not just this, it’s just a piasse that i’m going through.

I’ve created this blog because i always had this passion for writing and wanted to write my story and things that i think about life, universe, subjects i like, about everything,  10 months ago this passion became in my mind and became strong, so i started with this blog, i started writing things that was in my mind, things to encourage people, and i started also with a page on facebook and with on instagram, at first time a few peoples viewed, today is better, but is not enough yet, i’m still working  on it, i want to make this a big thing, a big blog, big page on facebook, a big instagram, i want to people to hear my voice, and i believe that will became reality,  and when we believe in our dreams, no matter what, they became true.

I want share my thoughts about our universe, about what is going to happen, what we are transforming our home. To share beautiful things, to share love, to show people that we can live in peace and without war, that we are the same and we deserve living in a place where we can be the same things without judgement.
Remember that : ”The most important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

Karen Padilha

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