I'm fascinated with doing things that make me feel better for a while, things who expand my mind, my brain, my intelligence, things that if i tell you, you'l judge me, but why judge me if i'm not doing nothing bad for you and anyone?

Wait a moment, i know why you'll judge me, it's because for the society this is wrong, but i dont give a fuck about what society will think or say about me or what i'm doing, i'm doing what i'm doing, what i like to do, and i'll not change because for the society this is called wrong.

I'm fascinated with just sit on my bed, start writing, listening music, search things that i like, issues that may confuse your ideas, but not my ideas. I like to do a lot of things at the same time, while i'm doing a course, i'm writing, while i'm writing, i'm searching for some subject , while i'm searching for some subject i'm answering the questions of the course, while i'm doing all those things, my mind continue thinking and don't have a ending. At the some point when i stop doing this, i look  at the every window of my macbook and i see that i have a hundred window open, with a wide range of subjects, and i ask for myself ”wow , what are you doing, are you crazy”?.

The thing is, i ‘m a mind that never stops to working, never stops to asking, to want to know more about each thing in this Universe, where we came from, what are we doing now for the future, and where we go when the world ends? While i'm thinking about  this, i'm asking ” will  the world ends?”, sounds  funny, isnt'it?, and i don't stop, i don't  wanna stop, while i'm thinking of the world will end or not, i'm thinking what we're gonna do if this happen, the possibilities for a new life in a new  planet. Questions about questions, answers about answers, certainties about certainties, uncertainties about uncertainties. 

Then i get my mind in another dimension, thinking about another things,completely different, in a matter of seconds my mind starts to think of something new, thinking about our  present Universe,  and what's happening, what people are doing with our home,  while i'm thinking about this, i'm  thinking in what we can do to  change the  world to a better place for now and for the future?

The true is that i cannot think about the past or future, i have to think about the present, now, today, but it's no use wanting to think like that, i want more,  I want to continue thinking, questioning, trying to find answers to my questions.

I'm completely fascinated with never stops to asking questions and imagining things.

That's me, i cannot change, and if i could, i would never change.


Kaka  Padilha