Take time to realize that your world is crashing down on in, take time to realize who is by your side, take time to realize that you can be more than this, i mean, more than everything, every moment, situation, everyone that wants to put you down.

Take time to realize your beauty, to let your light to shine on, put a smile up on your face, go to live your live without any fear, the only one fear that we can have is that to don't do the things we want to do before our time clock ending.

Well didn't I, didn't I tell you, but I can't spell it out for you , no it's never gonna be that simple, you have to go, to live, to love, to fell the feelings, fear, happiness, everything in life, because life is about this, to feel every feeling, not just happiness.

Just realize before it's late…

Kaka Padilha