Talk about what you love

When you talk about any difficulties with money, a relationship, an illness, or even that profits of your bussiness are down, you are not talking about what you love. When you talk about a bad event in the news, or a person or that situation that annoyed or frustasted you, you are not talking about what you love. Talking about the bad day you had, being late for an appointment, getting caught in traffic, or missing the bus are all talking about you don’t love . There are many little things that happen each day; if you get caught up in talking about what you don’t love , every one of those little things brings more struggle and difficulty to your life.

You have to talk about the god news of the day. Talk about the appointment that went well. Talk about how you love being on time. Talk about how good is to be full of health. Talk about the profits you want your bussiness to achieve. Talk about the situations and interactions you had in your day that went well. You have to talk about what you love, to bring what you love to you.

People who have great lives talk more about what they love. By doing  so, they gain unlimited access to all the good in life, and that are as free as the birds that soar in the sky. To have a great life, break the bars of cage that is jailing you; give love, talk only about what you love, and love will set you free.

Nothing is impossible for the force of love. No matter who you are, no matter  what situation you may be facing, the force of love can set you free.

Kaka Padilha

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