We are electrical

we all exist as nothing more than electrical signals

encoded by our temporal lobe; touch the screen

of reality maybe you’ll be dispel the illusion cast

upon your soul.

the morning star guides my way toward the twilight

till i’m safe in the shade; and don’t sign your name.

i could care less if you attended this meeting –

it was just a waste of time anyway. and don’t

text me asking me why i’m gone for the day.

i’ve learned to spare my words, not that i care

about your hurts, it’s just what’s fair is not what


just delete my name from your vocabulary and

i’ll be happy.  crumble up my note and throw it

away as i cease to be known

i don’t fucking know how the universe works –

i’m just a good pretender, all i want is for the

universe to leave me alone.