What I Want

I want people seeing me for something good that i've had done, for they or whatever, i want people  seeing me for the depth of my soul, my essence, i want people respecting me for my mind, my purity of heart, the people who's will like me or love me, will do this with all my stories and scars included, will  do this for me, the real me, raw, perfectly flawed me. 

I want people remembering me by the things i have written and in some way make them feel good, better, i want people speaking out about me about what i'm doing good, and i'm.

I want to break my own limits and outgrowing to live my best life, and i want to be remembered for this, i want people remembering the good moments lived by my side, the magical moments, moments unforgettable.

Everybody wants this, isn't it? To be remembered just for the good things, for te good person you are.

But, baby, you  have to be a really good person to this happen, you don't have to be afraid to be you, the real you in any moment of your life. If you want to be remembered by a good person, be a good person, don't use masks because people will get this, people will get your negative energy trying to trick them.

Energy doesn't lie, never.

Kaka Padilha