What is it like to live with schizophrenia?

A few weeks ago i went to a doctor, a psychiatrist, and i've diagnosed with this thing called schizophrenia. I knew it that somethings was happening with me, and something not good. Sometimes i've talked to my friends about was happening and they called me crazy, because i have using drugs, for sure this helps to make my ‘illness' worse. But even when i didn't used drugs i feel the things, and even when i didn't have never used drugs i felt the same things as i feel now.

This is a terrible thing, you see things, you hear voices calling your name, talking about you,  you think you're being chased all the time, and more that think this, you believe in this, you have total conviction. Your mind becomes completely confused, disorganized or disconnected, difficult to understand what's going on. You think there are monsters, or something else in your home, by your side, watching you.

Sometimes you can smell or taste bad or have the feeling of being touched or stung, as if insects are crawling on the skin. You're afraid to sleep, or to move in some room of your house.

I've being to live with this every day, sometimes i do things and people don't understand me, they think i'm joking or that i'm crazy. But i'm not.

Kaka Padilha